A Global MARTECH Summit

What is MarTech

Mostly, The words martech and marketing technology get thrown around a lot but how often they’re used correctly is another story all together.? In its simplest definition, martech is the intersection of marketing and technology. Any technology a company uses to deliver its marketing, is marketing technology. However, martech is much more than just platforms. It’s understanding what happens at that critical intersection, the impact this has on your marketing plan, people, process and ultimately the customer.

  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Content & Experience
  • Social & Relationships
  • Commerce & Sales
  • Data Management

About Event

HYPE 2022

The MarTech landscape is changing at a faster pace than
ever before as digital adoption and tech innovation continue
to influence and dynamically shifting customer behavior.
Brands today need to understand their customers at an
individual level and craft digital experiences that deliver value
to across the entire customer journey in order to succeed.

To match ballooning customer demands and keep
businesses on a hyper-growth trajectory, it is crucial that
business leaders and savvy marketers foresee and predict
trends that are ought to shift the market and the tech that will
help them adapt to that. At the HYPE 2022, we bring together
a distinguished set of Marketing Leaders to address the
emerging trends and the growing demand for a connected
and coherent martech ecosystem to enable next-gen digital
CX that is engaging and delightful.

About Speakers

Event Speakers

Key Areas of Focus

  • Changing landscape of marketing technologies in Malaysia
  • Customer-centricity as milestone
  • The economics of MarTech
  • Data Analytics to Optimize Marketing Portfolio
  • Advancement of marketing technologies for differentiated CX
  • MarTech tools being used by top performance marketers

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head, Director, VP, SVP, GM, Manager of Marketing
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Transformation Officer
  • Head, Director, VP, SVP, GM, Manager of Digital Transformation
  • Head, Director, VP, SVP, GM, Manager of Customer Experience
  • Marketing Consultants

Why Attend?

  • Learn the way to select the right marketing technology to reach company goals
  • Discover new ways to reach your target market in a financially-viable and
    sustainable manner
  • Gain new ideas to create a content inventory to enable agile marketing
  • Hear exactly what it takes to win in today’s complex marketing ecosystem
  • Learn the value of Customer Data Platforms

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